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Music Service for You

You have a music education already but You would like to make an additional Courses in order to enhance Your piano skills or to obtain Teaching Certificate?

You can do this on Kalaidos University.

The Kalaidos Music Master study programme (Music Pegagogy and Music Performance) have been authorized by the federal government. This means that Kalaidos Academy of Music can now offer the full study programme:

Music belongs to our life time - as nice background while having a dinner with family, as best hobby for part-time workers, pensioneers, housewives or children, as inspiring or relaxing rhytms in night club or as pleasant oasis of some beautiful experience in Opera...
Music is everywhere and it is up to You to bring Music nearer into Your life.

What is the best gift for Your second half? Dedicate her/him a song, a tune, which will became a Motive of Your life. 

Once I was asked to give a piano lesson as a birthday gift. The lady who called me - ordered a lesson for her husband, who is full of work, but always had a dream to be able to play piano. So we met at his birthday and it was a big surprise for him to learn, that in the next hour he would be able to come nearer to his dream.

Another story. Some years ago I was asked to write a song. It supposed to be a wedding gift and for the price of this song You could have easily book a one week trip to Spain or Italy for honeymoon...But here, trip is finished and all what you have are photos on Ipad. And this Song became a Symbol of Your life together, which revives again and again Your feelings and emotions for each other.

How to do this? Simply fill out the form down and send it to me. I will do my best to fulfill Your order and will get to you back as soon as possible.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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